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Welcome to The Village Trust (TVT) website where challenges inspire creativity to aspire for a brighter future. At The Village Trust, everyone is a partner in the fight against poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and ignorance.

TVT is a community based non-profit and non- governmental organization whose main objective is to empower villagers, especially women and youth, to address their challenges through appropriate interventions, which include; supporting income generating initiatives; social mobilization; training and capacity building.

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Greening our Villages and Schools

treeplanting1In January 2018 TVT has supported 20 girls drawn from std 7 and 8 from various schools in Nyambene, Meru county. The girls were provided with school uniforms, books, sanitary pads and fees. In addition the girls were trained on importance of planting trees. TVT gave them tree seedlings for planting at home and in their schools and the exercise was supervised by TVT officials... Read More

2018 Women's Day

womens day5As we celebrate this year’s International women’s day, TVT wishes to congratulate all people of good will who have sacrificed their time, efforts and money to empower awomen. Tremendous progress has been made but much more needs to be done especially to the rural women and girls. TVT has a number of initiatives for empowering rural women , girls and youth with a view to giving them a voice, independence and hope of a better tomorrow.... Read More

TVT marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

As the word marks on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we at the TVT truly believe that poverty is not a solely economic issue. No! NO!  Poverty is a multidimensional concept that comprises of issues that lead to lack of basic needs and capabilities that enable one to live a dignified life. In addition to financial empowerment, which we are pursuing through women and youth groups, the poor are also entitled to right to equal protection before law, right to liberty and right dignified life.  The poor should have right to privacy and  protection for their  homes and families; they should have right to water and sanitation , rights to work and rights at work; right to education; and... Read More

First TVT Reading Competition was a Huge Success


On 26th August 2016, TVT held the first reading competition and it was a huge success. The reading competition attracted students from both lower and upper secondary classes. The audience who turned up in large numbers included parents and relatives who came to witness the historical event at the TVT training house in Meru. The media was invited to cover the event in order to ensure that the next competition has a higher coverage in terms of participation...Read More


Education is a right for all and not a Privilege of a few

libTVT Library services are located the TVT Training Centre. The Centre houses offices of the TVT, tailoring school and community grain bank. The Centre is dire need of a perimeter wall for security and bole hole for water supply.

Reading club now open at the TVT resource  Centre. With the ongoing disinterest in serious reading TVT has initiated a project...Read More

Classroom Handing Over to Mukalamatu School

mukaEarlier on, the TVT Founder and economic advisor Dr. Sarah Kilemi officiated in a ceremony to present a classroom that had been constructed by TVT for the nursery school students of Mukalamatu. Present were, Dr. Kilemi Mwiria, Prof. Korbil, Prof. Park, Prof. Kol Sun, school management committee and other local leaders.

Here is the kind of playground the children of Mukalamatu use when they go for sporting activities. It’s nothing but soil and sharp small stones.  With water this place could be turned in a green field with grass ...Read More

Books Donation

bukWith the ongoing drought in some parts of Meru County, TVT has extended its services to schools in order to address the problem of absenteeism. Giving even the best of books on empty stomach would be an effort in futility. Thus in addition to donating books the management of TVT led by Dr. Sarah Kilemi.

Prof.  Korbi and Prof. Kol Sun are seen handing over the  text books to head Teacher of Mukalamatu Mr. Muriki while Dr.. Sarah Kilemi, ...Read More

Food Donation

fudThe school cooks food in one of the cooking shed as a way of retaining children in school during famine period. Children and parents are grateful for the food donated because they are now reassured that when the schools open in September there will be some food...Read More


TVT Annual Education Mentorship Day


April 22, 2017 was a Day which had a huge success.  All   the students under the sponsorship of both TVT and GinCo(Standard 8-Last mile girls) had the opportunity to share touching life experiences that students go through. The   mentors were Former TVT supported Students who are now graduates in various fields and also experienced high school teachers. There were open discussions ... Read More 

TVT Delivers Books To More Needy School In Meru County


First term is a very busy term all students of both primary and secondary schools in trying to cope up with new year challenges  in new classes. TVT   and their South Korean Partner- Educator without Borders, provided books to a number of schools in Meru County. In continuance of the books donation TVT donated those   books that were not donated last year after some schools closed before the delivery. Read More 

GinCo Teams Annual Meeting on 19th and 20th January 2017


GinCo Germany is not in partnerships with TVT only but it’s also in Kisumu, Kibera, Samburu. These four teams meets annually to celebrate their achievements as GinCo family. This year’s meeting was different because the meetings were held two day consecutively .The meeting on 19th January 2017 took place at Jacaranda Africa which was facilitated by Ms Alice Migwi. The teams discussed the following questions in details: ... Read More

GinCo Germany Visit to TVT offices

germanGinCo Germany this year on 16th January 2017 made efforts to visit TVT offices to meet the 2016 Last Miles Girls.TVT and GinCo Germany  have continued to partner in support of orphans and needy girls who are in their final year of primary school yearly . The meeting was meant to congratulate the Girls for their good performance in 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), encourage them to continue with the same drive in secondary school, presentation of the scholarship... Read More

 Price Giving Day To Students Joining Form One

dayTVT has always been in the front line in supporting education as a way of poverty eradication. TVT in partnership with  their South Korean Partner- Educator without Borders has been providing  books to a number of schools in Meru County, with GinCo from Germany has been  providing sanitary pads, revision books, solar lamps ,school uniforms, paying school levies etc to the orphan girls in their eighth grade to enable them pass their exams well(the programme is known as last mile programme)... Read More

 TVT Training House Open to Business

GirlsTVT training house is also offering library services as a way of promoting a reading culture among the young people, which is an initiative to keep young people from abusing drugs and alcohol due to idleness. TVT books reading club is open to both old and young and thanks to our partners, the Training house offers a comfortable place for “chilling out”.... Read More


2 TVT  delivers text books to needy school of Meru county


The month of October is a busy month for all students of both primary and secondary schools as they all struggle to make their final preparations for the national exams, which are held in November.In support of needy schools with reading materials to enable them to be well prepared for the national exams, TVT and their South Korean Partner- Educator without Borders, provided books to a number of schools in Meru County, see the photo gallery for photos. ... Read More

Be part of the Story:

nhkProduction  of the resuable sanitary pads is our story to esure that we keep girls in school and supporting women economic empowerment movement.

Our partners, supporters and sypmpathisers have been part of this unfolding story and  this is why we strive to  keep you informed of the progress TVT is making in the fight against illiteracy, disease, ignorance and poverty.

Click the Link Here to follow the story as told by Japan National television.

Keeping Girls in School

nhkThe work of  TVT has attracted the attention of  partners from Japan  who traveled all the way to a small village in  Meru, called Muthaara to record the experiences of women and girls who have benefited from the  TVT work. The original recording was in Japanese language but it is now available in  English... Read More

To watch this story Click Here


TVT Education Mentorship Day A Huge Success

TVT EMD1April 23, 2016 will remain a day to remember for the many standard 8 students under the sponsorship of both TVT and Ginco who had the opportunity to listen to the inspiring and motivational personal experiences of those who have benefited from the support of TVT. The mentors were drawn from both the young and the old from the community who understand the challenges that students go through. In addition to... Read More

 TVT Celebrates All Moms on 8th of May: So Gentle Yet So Strong

As we prepare to pumper our Moms on the mother’s day on the 8th of May, TVT joins all people of goodwill to celebrate all mothers with an invitation to support production  and supply of reusable sanitary pads to needy girls, our future moms. A packet of 5 pieces will last a whole 9 months for a cost of only 5 dollars or Kshs. 500. To know how to contribute contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. use LIPA na Mpesa number 830310.  Let’s give hope to a future mom, through education.

Last Mile Support For Needy Girls

gincogirlsTVT and GinCo have continued to partner in support of orphans and needy girls who are in their final year of primary school. The support referred to as the “last mile” is aimed at ensuring that the girls are able to adequately prepare for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).  In 2016 TVT in collaboration with GinCo and individual well wishes has supported 14 girls who will be sitting for their KCPE at the end of the year.  The14 girls have been provided with books, uniforms, school fees, shoes and solar lumps. TVT officials pay them regular visits and provides counselling... Read More

TVT takes Production of Reusable Sanitary Pads to Bondo, Kisumu

Having had a successful training of the women, men and youth of Samburu in North Eastern, Kenya, on how to make their own sanitary pads as a way of supporting girls education and empowering women, it was time for TVT to move west to the shores of Lake Victoria. In partnership with Mrs. Rose Omia, a woman whose passion is empower other women, TVT took the concept of Villachic re-usable sanitary pads to women group leaders of Bondo... Read More


Reaching Out to People with Disability

People With Disability Mini Medical Camp

Once again TVT has reached out to the people with disability and with a renewed pledge to stand by them in their struggle to provide for themselves in line with the principle that disability is not inability... Read More


TVT partners with Ginco Germany to support girls’ education in Kenya

The demand for financial support to bright children and especially girls from poor families continues to be a major challenge for TVT. Even though education in   Kenya is free at the primary school level, there are so many children who are unable to afford basic things like uniform and books to stay in school. To address this need, TVT has been working closely with Bethel College, individuals, Earth Concern International and a German non-governmental organization called GinCo... Read More


Implementation of TVT 2015 Projects

TVT has commenced implementation of her projects of 2015 with a renewed resolve to fight poverty, diseases and ignorance by linking up with other development partners with similar mandates.

TVT’s education programme which targets mainly girls, who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other very needy bright children, has given hope to many families who would never have been able to send their children to school... Read More


TVT Takes Villachic Reusable Sanitary Pads to Samburu 

DSC03090TVT in partnership with the Grevyzebra Trust has just completed a three day training workshop on production of reusable sanitary pads (Villachic) for the nomadic communities of Samburu. The training which targeted  women, youth and men community leaders, brought together 43 group leaders drawn from all clans of Samburu. The three day intensive residential training took place at a local primary school in Archers Post.... Read More


No relenting on fight against poverty and illiteracy

Dr. Sarah Kilemi, the   Pro bono Economic advisor to TVT, was joined by Dan Jacobs, from Nappanee Missionary Church , TVT officials and women of Salgaa women group in Nakuru, Kenya to recommit efforts to deal with cases of poverty and illiteracy in the community. Dr. Sarah Kilemi reminded members of Salgaa women group that challenges will always crop in when we are about to achieve a major breakthrough but she encouraged the women not lose hope and instead to always be ready to embrace challenges and think out of the box... Read More


Charuru 2013 Free Medical Camp

The Village Trust Fund (TVT) held its 7th annual Medical Camp on 19th October 2013and it was a huge success. 1,853 patients were attended to and on the same day TVT delivered wheelchairs, tricycles and other apparatus to the persons with disabilities.

The measurements of the apparatus delivered on 19th October at the TVT offices in Meru, had been taken during the previous medical camp... Read More


Last Mile Support For Needy Girls

TVT partners with Ginco Germany to support girls’ education in Kenya

Presentation of books to Kailutha Secondary school

Presentation of books to Thubuku Secondary school

Presentation of books to Urru Secondary school

Presentation of books to Laciathuriu Secondary school

Presentation of books to Athwana Secondary school

Presentation of books to Maanthi Primary school

Kiamuri Secondary School students with TVT officials during Book Donation

Kanja's first day in Secondary School

Education Programme

More on This

ONGOING TVT PROJECTS: Construction of the Community  Resource Center

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TVT also supports awareness raising campaigns against gender violence, female genital mutilation, child labour and bad governance. Thus TVT activities directly contribute to the fulfillment of the first millennium development goal, which is to “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” by targeting the most marginalized groups in the rural villages.

The Village Trust ( TVT) is a registered  Charitable and non- Governmental Organization working towards the global vision of poverty eradication in the developing countries, especially in villages throughout Africa. TVT is incorporated under Kenya’s Succession Act Cap. 164 and it has operational offices in Eastern and rift valley Provinces.

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TVT marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty